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Our mission

Essential oils are the soul of a plant. That's why our candles are infused with pure natural essential oils.

They connect you with the life-giving and life-strengthening powers of plants.

Your well-being is enhanced.

Our values

Ethically sourced vegetable wax | Handmade in Vienna | 100% pure natural essential oils | Reusable containers

looking to the future

pure vegetable ingredients

In the manufacturing process of our candles drives us sustainability and the pursuit of perfection. We source only ethically sourced soy and coconut wax from Sweden as well as Finland. All scented candles are made without the addition of kerosene and are blended with low soot premium wood & cotton wicks.

hand poured

in the heart of Vienna

The natural KOSA scented candles are handmade in our small studio in the center of Vienna. They are made of hand-picked raw materials and unique fragrance compositions of pure essential oils. Each fragrance blend is individually developed by us to not only smell divine but also to serve, through their aromatherapeutic properties, your well-being and boost your self-confidence.