Background stories: Who stands behind Kosa ?

Kosa was born from the passion for design of two individuals, our founders Claudia Piekutowska and Stefan Kolahdouzian. 

From the basic idea to the preparations for the opening of this extraordinary online concept store, we have paid a lot of attention to detail. But how does our store actually differ from all the other online shops on the net? This is exactly the question we would like to answer in our first article of the magazine. 

At first glance, our site offers you a clean design and excellently curated finds. But there's much more to our brand than just a pristine surface. When choosing our partners, we pay close attention to the origin of the raw materials used for production, because the well-being of our planet is close to our hearts. In the design of our packages and branding material, we also wanted to make a contribution to the environment in addition to an attractive appearance. For this reason, our packaging is made of recycled cardboard, is plastic-free and biodegradable. 

We mainly support small companies and young designers from (Eastern) Europe, because we believe that there are enough extraordinary products and ideas that we pay far too little attention to or that are only available locally. Every person who makes a purchase from us should have an extraordinary shopping experience and at the same time be left with a good feeling that the newly purchased item is unique and supports a small business in Europe. 

One of our greatest concerns is the holistic well-being of our customers. This philosophy runs like a thread through our concept store, from the earthy colour palette to our logo and the products on offer. 

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