What products does the First Timer Set contain?

The basic set to remove bad energy from your environment and deepen your meditation or yoga practice. Begin your journey of smudging and create mindful rituals.


The centrepiece of the First Timer Set is our Hand of Shaman. The centrepiece of the First Timer set is our Hand of Shaman. Why is the From a hand? The hand is an ancient symbol of protection known in many cultures. The Hand of Shaman is also known as the healing hand because it is said to help us stay healthy both mentally and physically. The shaman's hand connects the hand to the spiral, creating a powerful symbol of healing and protection. The spiral comes from Native American tradition and symbolises eternity and the ways of our existence on earth. Man glaubt, dass die Schamanenhand die Kraft hat, Körper, Geist und Seele zu heilen, zu schützen und zu erneuern. The hand is the most commonly symbolised part of the human body. According to Aristoteles the hand is the "tool of tools". It generally stands for strength, power and protection. As a symbol, it perfectly complements the ritual of incense burning known as energy purification.

Our ceramic incense holder is handmade. Perfect for Palo Santo and natural incense. Cleanse your space of negative energy and then place the incense on the ceramic hand to burn. Each hand is made from the highest quality natural materials: Clay, glaze and oxide. The clay is then moulded, dried and fired in a kiln at a very high temperature. The ceramic hands are made by a local artist with whom we collaborate.


White sage has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years to remove negative energy. In our First Timer Set, Sage is the aggressively cleansing incense, while Palo Santo brings positive energy back into the room. Our White Sage comes from the natural habitats of Salvia Apiana in the coastal mountains of California. It is harvested by hand in a way that does not damage the plant's natural environment. Sage relieves anxiety, symptoms of depression and hyperactivity. The smoke of burning sage calms the mind, relaxes the body and has a positive effect on mood. Research on the properties of sage smoking suggests that the plant stimulates mental functions, alleviates depression and even stimulates the brain's memory functions.


Another item in the Beginner's Kit is one of the most popular and commonly used incense. It is most often used for spiritual purification and energy balancing. It removes negative energy, neutralises tension in the body, calms the emotions and harmonises the mind. Raise your vibration and discover peace and grounding by connecting more deeply with the earth and inner consciousness. We never cut down live trees - our Palo Santo is only made from dead, naturally fallen trees. Our Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is harvested in a way that respects the natural environment. This unique product is much more than just another trend or a pleasant scent, and that's how it should be treated - with respect for its mystique, its properties and the culture it comes from.