Sandalwood is a nepalese rope incense made from pure medicinal herbs which are then hand rolled in high quality handmade lokta paper. Each rope incense is hand rolled carefully. Rope incense making is a special technique used in Nepal and the Himalayas, where this process is passed from generation to generation.

This traditional nepalese rope incense is generally used in daily rituals and meditation. The incense is prepared with all natural ingredients: herbs, spices and aromatic tree barks, which are all blended together to create a high quality product.

Sandalwood rope incense is made of herbs which are naturally found in the Himalayas, and contains mostly white and red Sandalwood, with the addition of saldhup, spikenard, cinnamon and clove. This mixture creates a warm, spicy, woody scent.

The incense is prepared from selected medicinal herbs & aromatic spices, and is completely natural and safe. Handmade in accordance with ancient traditional formulas.