3 modern ways of drinking tea by Kazi Yetu

For many of us, a cup of tea is part of everyday life: it can be part of the morning routine or provide relaxation in the evening. But what many of us are not aware of - a tea bag can also provide moments of pleasure outside of a tea cup. As absolute tea lovers and founders of the Tanzanian tea brand Tanzania Tea Collection, we would like to share three of our favourite ideas with you. Of course, there are no limits to your creativity with our recipe suggestions!

Cold brewed Hibiscus Star tea


Normally, to make iced tea, tea is first brewed hot and then cooled in the refrigerator. However, when making cold brew tea, the tea is left to steep overnight in the refrigerator. This gentle process releases the flavours more gently and slowly, avoiding the release of bitter substances. Cold brewed tea can also be stored in the refrigerator for a few days.

For a cold-brewed hibiscus tea, do the following:

1. Fill a jug or bottle with about 500 ml of tap water (room temperature)


2. Add a pyramid tea bag to the jar and let it steep, covered, in the refrigerator for about 8 hours.

3. The cold brew tea can be refined as desired, for example with a little honey for more sweetness or mint for some freshness.

Banana smoothie with our Coco Choco tea


With roasted cocoa shells from mainland Tanzania and coconut flakes from Zanzibar, our Coco Choco tea tastes like a trip to an exotic island!

How to make a Coco Choco smoothie:

1. Brew a Coco Choco tea bag and allow to cool.

2. Blend a fresh banana with the cooled tea and a splash of milk of your choice.

3. Optional: add ice cubes for an extra dose of refreshment.

Tea ice cubes
Are you looking for a little something extra for your daily water consumption? Then why not try tea ice cubes!

1. Heat some water, let the tea bags steep for a few minutes and then fill the tea, including the tea bags, into large ice cube trays. 

2. Freeze overnight and voila, the next morning you'll have delicious tea-flavoured ice cubes.

3. As soon as the ice cube melts in the beverage of your choice, the flavour of the respective tea variety unfolds.

Well, do you fancy a different kind of tea? We wish you lots of fun trying it out.

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