Femininity of a modern woman

Since time immemorial, humanity has been largely oriented towards male ideals and needs. While men have always been largely allowed the freedom to make decisions about their careers, assets, leisure time and many other areas of society, women still must fight for their equal rights up until today. Feminism plays a central and extremely important role in this.

A woman's femininity is therefore often defined by social norms that are adapted to the ideas of masculinity. Physical characteristics are in focus - soft facial features, optimally proportioned curves, long hair, (natural) make-up, figure-hugging clothes, etc. Even though the idea of the "perfect woman" has changed repeatedly over time and not everyone prefers the same type, there are still certain expectations towards women. Through all kinds of media, "the ideal image" of female individuals is suggested to society on a daily basis. Even though diversity is now gaining more and more attention and reach, the norm of a "beautiful" woman continues to be favoured by the public. All these circumstances often make it very difficult for women to explore their own individual femininity, to express it and, in the best case, to remain true to it. It should be emphasised that a woman's appearance in no way reflects her femininity per se; rather, it is an intimate process and a feeling. There is no optimum and there are no rules. A person who feels feminine is feminine. However, there are ways to consciously focus on one's own femininity and perhaps get to know it a little better:


Between work and social commitments, the air can sometimes get pretty thin. This makes it even more important to consciously take a break, to forget about everyday stress for a moment and to fully focus on your own well-being. Easier said than done, I would think at this point. Therefore, it is important to create a space that is free of any hectic and negative energy. To be able to create space for a positive, relaxed atmosphere that is free of stressful emotions, the cleansing power of smudging is ideal. Depending on your mood and needs, you can vary between countless woods and herbs. Purnama Rituals offers a wide range of high-quality Smudge Sticks, which impress with their soothing effect.


In addition to a conscious slowdown and an atmospheric setting, personal rituals can help you to find your own femininity. A conscious confrontation with one's own needs is essential for this. After all, the female cycle and the accompanying menstruation often indicates a clear sign that should not be ignored. Shifting down a gear does not mean failure but is rather a necessary process. The female body does a great job every day and should be rewarded for it. Whether it's with a relaxing bath, a leisurely evening walk, your favourite Netflix series, or a girls' night out, there are no limits to self-care.


Dancing, yoga, running, weight training... There are countless ways to keep moving. However, sport is often seen as an obligation or an optimisation of one's appearance - I speak from experience here - but it is much more than that. There is hardly any other situation where you are more in touch with your own body awareness. Yoga in particular is a welcome sport for many women to get in touch with their feminine side. Since Kosa also focuses on female needs, there is a wide range of yoga or sports mats, which also leave nothing to be desired in terms of design as well as sustainability.

„Femininity is your greatest power. Embrace it!" - Stacey Martino 

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